Past Speakers

"Liquidity Management and Reporting" 2024

Sohail Farooq, MSc, MBA, MQF

"Soft or Hard Landing for 2024" 2024

Lois Tullo, ICD.D MBA, CPA - Schulich School of Business

"Purpose-Driven Leadership : Shaping Your Personal Brand" 2024

Diana Petrini, CPPC, PCC, ITCA - Gorilla Leadership

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence" 2023

Roger Vandomme, Founder & Data Scientist -

"Discover the Future of AR: Embracing AI for Business Resilience" 2023

Jack Cooper, Senior Solutions Consultant, Blackline (Nasadaq:BL)

What's Up with the Economy? 2023

Aaron Geortzen, Senior Economist & Director - BMO Capital Markets

Disagree Agreeably: "Mastering Constructive Dialogue" and Deepening Relationships: Unlock the Power of "Innerviews" 2023

Troy Treleaven, Owner/Managing Partner - Dale Carnegie Business Group

"Latest Developments on Credit Card Surcharging" and "Cyber Attacks are Fraud and Credit Executives Vulnerable" 2023

Wanda Borges, Esq., Attorney, Borges and Associates, LLC

"Money Laundering - What you don't know could hurt you." 2023

Matt McGuire, FCPA, FCA, CFF, CAMS, AMPL, CCI Principle and Practice Leader - AML Shop

"View on the Current State of Affairs for Business" 2023

Ryan Mallough, VP Legislative Affairs, Canadian Federation of Independant Business

"Transforming Order to Cash into a Data-Driven Strategic Advantage" 2022

Andrea Baker, FCICM RGCP - Director, Customer Success Northern Europe & APAC Sidetrade

"Master the Market-Rapid Fire Insights for FInding and Keeping a Profitable Business" 2022

Curt Skene CNC, President and Founder, Career Network Club

"Canadian Economic Outlook: What Now?" 2022

Aaron Goertzen CFA, Senior Economist and Director, BMO Capital Markets

"Your Influence Never Sleeps" and "Your Professional Presence" 2022

Neil Thornton, President of The Thornton Group

"The Road to Knowledge Begins with a Turn of the Page" 2022

Abby Marks Beale,

"Is Passion a Part of Your Mindset" 2021

Ann Gomez, Productivity and Leadership Consultant. President at Clear Concept

"The Future State of Money" 2021

Lois Tullo, Instructor of Financial Service Schulich School of Business

"Let the Good Times Roll - In Spite of What we are Going Through" 2021

Marsha Petrie Sue, MBA, President Communicating Results Inc.

"Connect To Survive and Thrive" 2021

Peter A. Hernandez, Award Winning Inspirational Speaker

"Growing Cyber Security Threats You Must Protect Against NOW" 2021

Barbara Paluszkiewicz, CEO, Canadian Technologies Inc.

"The Power of Influence" 2021

Rick Hernandez, President and CEO, Syntesis Global, LLC

Past Speakers

Neil Thornton - 2020

Paul Kalmin CFP - 2020

Benjamin Gossak - 2020

Nicola Hill - 2019

Lou Brzezinski - 2019

Alan Kearns - 2019

Jim Muccilli - 2019

Julie Zylberlicht - 2019

Sergio Hirtescu - 2019

Fotini Iconomopoulos - 2018

Tim Paulssen - 2018

Jeff Jones - 2018

Richard F. Lee - 2018

Cindy Crowley - 2018

Richard Payne - 2018

Austin Gottlieb - 2018

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