Membership Options

Membership Eligibility & Requirements

  • National Presence: Applicants must represent organizations with a national business presence.
  • Senior Role Mandate: One must be the Senior Credit or Financial Executive overseeing Credit in their organization. A minimum average monthly Accounts Receivable portfolio of $15,000,000 is requisite.
  • Alternative Route: Those not meeting the above criteria can still apply, given they're endorsed by two active members.

Membership Fees & Guests

  • Membership Dues: The annual fee structure is as follows:

$450.00 for 1 membership

$800 for 2 memberships

$1100.00 for 3 memberships

* Fiscal period January 1 to December 31

  • Guest Privileges: Non-members can attend individual events at a cost of $200 per event.

Application Process

All applications undergo a rigorous review, starting with the membership committee and culminating with the executive committee's approval. To begin your journey, download, complete, and submit your application.